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Founded: 2007
Languages: EN
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A relatively newer broker on the market, Trade360 was established in 2013 in Cyprus. The company is a regulated and authorized broker accredited by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission). The firm has raised quite a few eyebrows with their innovative approach to trading. Even the industry bigwigs are taking notice of the emerging forex company.

360Trade offers an inventive online platform for trading that employs a groundbreaking methodology to social trading called CrowdTrading. In compliance with the regulations set by the EU, 360Trade has several offices in London. 360Trade is actually the registered name of the company MPF Global Markets Ltd.

With CrowdTrading, the company intends to shake up how things are done in this industry by bringing the crowd’s wisdom into the world of trading. The concept, which is still under rigorous study, claims that the analytical tools for statistical data can be used to gather insights on the positive trends in the market. The CrowdTrading technique is Trade360’s proprietary and gives its users an edge.

The platform seeks only $25 as its registration fee without the need to download anything. Their platform is web-based with an additional mobile application, should you need to keep your trading information on the go.



You can choose from an array of 119 assets, which include indices, stocks, commodities, and pairs of currencies. All that is required of you is to select the asset and submit the amount you wish to put at stake. While it is not made clear whether you have bought a CFD, an option or a futures contract from the outset, you can still choose to close your position within 60-90 days, i.e. before it expires.

Asset choice determines the spread and the leverage. The tools for CrowdTrading echo what you should or shouldn’t spend your money on. The choice, however, is always yours to make. Residents of US hoping to get in on the CrowdTrading action will be disappointed as Trade360 does not operate in the country.

The minimum amount of deposit to open an account with the platform is $250 with leverage reaching up to 400:1. Trade360 has started a new era of social trading and, if you’re a part of the crowd that’s interested in it, you cannot miss the Trade360 train.



On the platform side, Trade360 provides a singular and advanced proprietary web-based trading platform. Without requiring a download, the platform is fit to solve your problems from its humble abode of the web.

The platform includes a state-of-the-art charting package built-in with the one-click trading ability. It is simple enough for an average traderand has an intuitive design which will be a cruise for anyone to use.

The most outstanding feature of this incredible platform is its CrowdTrading functionality. You are constantly in the loop whenever something noteworthy occurs. These instances may include the downtrends or uptrends caused by an abrupt Buying/ Selling spree and a sudden change in the volume of trading.

Trade360 also provides the actual subset of traders who have excess or deficit of trading instruments. They also notify traders of violent market movements in either direction or even when there is an outpouring of new openings for short or long trading positions. The feature is based on a lot of scientific research, which can enable the traders on the platform to get an edge over the others.


Cfd Trade

CFD or Contact for difference trade has emerged as the next evolution of trading and Trade360 is not about to skip on that train. The leverage on CFD and indices set by the company is 50:1.


Forex Trade

The company offers 119 currency pairs, which include a lot of exotic currencies as well. The company is taking on the big brokers head-on with this capability. The leverage for currency pairs in Forex trading is fixed at 400:1.


Crypto Trade

Trade360 enables its users to trade in crypto-currencies including Bitcoin Gold, Monero, EOS, Iota, Zcash, Neo, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and of course, Bitcoin. The leverage for these digital currency CFDs is four.


Social Trade

The trading account can be linked to social media profiles of the traders from sites such as Google+ and Facebook to provide an extra social layer to the trader’s experience on the platform.



Account type

Minimum deposit

Minimum line

Maximum leverage






1.8 pips per EUR/USD





1.8 pips per EUR/USD





1.8 pips per EUR/USD





1.8 pips per EUR/USD





1.8 pips per EUR/USD


Support Services

Traders can often run into problems while performing their tasks, especially in a digitally equipped world like this. Thus, one may need some help in basic features in trading or the person may have to report some general issues with respect to their account with the platform.

An online broker must also be well-equipped with guides which explain the working of their online platform. Such guides may come in form of ebooks or webinars. It is also their duty to provide redressal to the customer should they be facing such problems as delayed withdrawals, failed deposits, or even general-purpose technical training.

Trade360 offers a number of customer services. These include platform walk-through, account support, technical support, and helping clients with opening and closing positions as well as deposit and withdrawal problems. They also offer a general market analysis where Trade360’s fundamental and technical tools provide an insight into the market.



It’s hard to find a company that has truly innovated in the trading space as much as Trade360, and that too, in such a short period of time. Its work in the arena of Forex and CFD has proven to be quite resourceful.

The whole web trader platform is built around the novel concept of the fusion of the crowd’s wisdom with the trading industry. The fact that it'sregulated has an easy to use theplatform, and uses its technology to give its users an analytical edge over others makes Trade360 an amazing place for traders.


What We Like

Lots of Great Looking Games

Lots of Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Multiple Language and Currency Options


What We Like Less

Questionable History from SkillOnNet Games

Disappointing Bonuses



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