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KayaFX is a new Forex brokerage company that boosts with a large array of trade-enhancing features as well as great customer support and a variety of educational resources. It was founded in 2017 but quickly gained worldwide following, mainly because of the powerful and easy-to-use platforms combined with competitive spreads and transparent pricing.

Although a new entry in the field of Forex trading brokers, KayaFX and their financial advisers are in no way inexperienced – during our test we were pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and the positive attitude that we received. It’s safe to say that customers will be in safe hands.

The company is based in Ireland, but their trading services could be accessed from all parts of the world where Forex trading is allowed. Please note that people with US citizenship and US-based citizens will not be able to trade with KayaFX.



The broker offers numerous trading instruments, meeting the needs of even the most demanding investors. Over 200 assets are divided into the following 5 categories:

  • Cryptocurrencies – Of course, crypto trading is the most popular new trend in the financial world. Millions of investors are riding the wave of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. A lot of people made immense profit in the last few months, mainly because of the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. With KayaFX you can trade CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Litecoin and Ripple against several currencies.
  • Currency Pairs – Forex trading itself is first and foremost currencies. Millions of trade deals between currencies happen on a daily basis all over the world. KayaFX offers the 4 major pairs – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. In addition, there are dozen other exotic pairs including Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Mexican Peso, South African Rand and others.
  • Stocks – For those who prefer following the big corporations, the broker offers FX stock trading. Track the latest news, quarterly reports and earnings and open your stock positions. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Tesla, IKEA, Manchester United, to name a few. KayaFX provides a list of over 60 companies.
  • Indices – Trade with some of the most popular indices such as the European DAX, the American NYSE and NASDAQ, as well as some of the Asian markets.
  • Commodities – Oil, Gold and Silver are some of the most traded commodities in the world. The Oil markets are some of the most volatile ones – the asset can drastically change its price in the span of few hours.



The customers of KayaFX are presented with several platforms, depending on every individual preference. Customers can trade on all devices including stationary PCs, laptops as well smartphones and tablets. See below what the company offers:

  • Metatrader 4 (MT4) – The most popular and widely recognized trading platform with over 1 million users globally. It is a simple software that can be downloaded and installed in less than a few minutes but offers lots of features such as real-time charting and analysis.
  • Webtader – A browser-based web platform which is based on MT4 in its core. It is great for those who do not wish to meddle with installing apps on their computers. Open it in your browser, log in and start trading. With Webtrader you can also open and close positions with 1 single click which makes trading a lot faster.
  • Mobile Trading Apps – With KayaFX you can also trade on your mobile devices, no matter if they are Android or iOS-based. The company offers the mobile edition of MT4 and it is a convenient way to invite everyone who lives a fast-paced life and does not have time to sit in front of the computer for too long.


Cfd Trade

CFD trading offers the advantage of being able to profit even from markets that are on the downward spiral unlike trading in stocks or commodities. As the name implies, the Contract for Difference (CFD) can move in any direction, so you can invest on the prices moving down or up. KayaFX allows investing in CFD without leverage in stock and with a leverage of 1:2 at the minimum for other markets.


Forex Trade

KayaFX does not charge any commission for forex trading just like other online brokers. It offers forex trading in over 16 currency pairs. The company makes money by using a wider spread for the dealer that includes 2 pips of r USD/JPY pair, 3 pips for USD/CAD, USD/CHF and EUR/USD, 4 pips for AUD/USD and GBP/USD and 5 pips for NZD/USD. The pips increase for rarely traded pairs. The spreads for bitcoin trades are about 225 pips.


Crypto Trade

In conclusion, we would like to outline several important facts about KayaFX that hopefully will help you decide whether you should sign up with this broker or not. The numerous features, combined with a variety of powerful, but simple to use platforms is sufficient enough to place KayaFX among the better brokerage companies in the industry. The excellent customer service is the cherry on the top of the cake to make things perfect. We strongly recommend KayaFX to everyone wishing to start trading, no matter amateur of professional.


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Fairly New Broker

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