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  • Deliver Much Higher Leverage than a Traditional Trading System
  • Provides a Variety of Educational Tools
  • Allows for Trading in Most Major, Minor, & Exotic Currency Pairs
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Founded: 2017
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365markets is a newly formed brokerage firm that enables traders to deal with CFDs, also called Contracts for Difference. Founded earlier this year, the online broker intends to break new ground by offering people what others cannot, a simplistic solution that takes a rather complicated industry and makes it suitable for even the most inexperienced traders.

The web-based platform is blazing fast to use and account creation is a piece of cake, too. It does not require downloads or installation of a separate application because everything can be handled via the web.

365markets provides newcomers in the industry with the opportunity to learn the art of trading and, thus, is heavily involved in the educational aspect of the field.This is accessible to all the users who create an account and, subsequently, contact the account manager.

They also provide signals that are listed on their website in the form of Put/Call fashion allowing users to employ them for options trading. It also enables traders to use an economic calendar. Even though 365markets is not currently regulated, it does offer some enticing bonuses for the customers.

The brokerage firm enables users to trade in four types of assets- commodities, indices, currency pairs, and stocks. Formed by industry veterans with decades of experience in the industry, 365markets has the opportunity to create something great here.



As an up-and-coming brokerage company, 365markets has provided quite a few reasons for traders to repose their faith in the platform. While the firm may not have been regulated yet and the spreads may seem a tad high, it provides higher returns than anyone in the industry does.

It also provides excellent educational tools that blow their competition out of the water. It is truly an all-encompassing guide on how to get started in the trading field. The resource material covers ebooks, video tutorials, and more. A budding trader will be much more equipped to tackle the market on this platform than any other competing platform.

Last but not the least, its excellent service is a reason to believe that the company is in it for the long haul, which is always a reassuring thing.



365markets offers Spot Option as its trading platform, a web-based ecosystem that does not take up any extra space on your system. This is due to the lack of installation that is required in the industry standard MetaTrader platform.

The platform lets users select leverage before even placing the trade. This is in direct contrast to several other platforms, where the leverage is pre-set as a default setting after a client signs up with it. The stop-loss functionality is also much more convenient on the SpotOption platform. Located in the header section, the feature helps protect the CFD investment while allowing the user to define the downside.

There are quite a few nifty features for the sharp-eyed. Return percentage, for example, lets traders get a sense of the amount of potential payout they will receive. It also allows the trader to mitigate the risks with respect to the reward. This feature is also much better in Spot Option than in other platforms.

About 150 assets may be used for trading, as per the company. However, market realities may differ in perspective considering the differences in each assets’ trading period and the fact that some markets may not be open at the time. However, this affects other brokerages as much as 365markets so, they are not to blame in this case.

365markets platform can also be accessed through its mobile application, which can be downloaded in Android and iPhone devices via Google Play Store and App Store, respectively


Cfd Trade

With CFD, you get quite a few advantages over other methods of trading. It reflects the movement of the underlying assets. It enables the realization of losses or profits when they move with respect to the position chosen by the trader.

Other advantages that come with CFD trading on 365markets platform are a global market, high leverage, no shorting rules, no commissions or fees, no requirements for day trading, and a slew of trading assets.

Over traditional trading, CFDs deliver much higher leverage than a traditional trading system. Its requirement margins are very low and, thus, result in better returns, but can also incur more losses. All major markets can partake in the trade without any fees or commission structure. The execution is professional, therefore, the market is also moving towards CFD trading.


Forex Trade

365markets allows for trading in most major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. The offered spread on EUR/USD is four pips.


Crypto Trade

All the major crypto-currencies are available to trade on 365markets platform. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash among several other digital currency pairs.



Minimum deposit

Minimum / Maximum bet size

Payout Percentage




$25 / $25,000

Up to 500% (based on your set-up)





365markets allows several avenues to address your technical and other types of issues through direct email, a form, a telephone service that is currently active in London. They do not have a live chat, currently, but it may be in the offing. When that happens, it will be a much better experience.

However, that is not to say that the experience is bad right now, either. Right now, English is the only supported language, but more will be added as the firm moves forward and starts catering to more countries.



365markets is a legitimate forex trading platform. It stands out from the others by delivering high returns daily, while expanding and enhancing their knowledge of the markets. The platform consists of a single type of account, but for a newcomer, that is indeed what a platform should be.

It provides a variety of educational tools apart from its easy-to-understand platform that is targeted at the new traders rather than at the experienced ones. This is why the Spot Option platform is simplistic and serves a different breed of traders. If you are someone who wants to dip their feet into Forex trading, you should certainly give 365markets a go.


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365markets provides newcomers in the industry with the opportunity to learn the art of trading and,

365markets is a legitimate forex trading platform. It stands out from the others by delivering high


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Fairly New Broker

Still not Licensed




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